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Well, I'm in the doghouse with Natalie.  After three days of screwing around with the sales people at ex's car dealership (she gave them my number) and refusing to give them a copy of my driver's license.  Ex has decided to get a certified copy of the title and have me sign it.  She is supposed to get it on Monday.  I told her I would sign it, but that is the last thing I am doing!  Nat doesn't understand that I just want to get all of this over with so I don't have to deal with her anymore.

Oh, side note...  My mother told me when we bought the house we were living in that I should demand that she put the house in both names.  I was sure that if we ever had any problems, she would be fair.  Mom, if you can see what is in my heart or what I'm writing, I am very sorry I doubted you.  You were so right about her.

Other than that, my son, his wife, and four sons (14, 8, 6, and 2 almost) came over and took me to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant  tonight.  Those kids are sooooooo good and not the least bit cowed.  My son and his wife have managed to teach them manners and respect for other people around them without breaking their spirits.  My son was telling me that they had even taken the smallest one into the regular church service last Sunday and he had really behaved.  Even appeared to be listening to the preacher because when he would say raise your hand to God, Frankie would do it.

I ate waaaaay too much, but it was soooo good (enough with the bad spelling, they get the point).  When we were through eating and his wife and I were complaining about eating too much, he said it's not over yet.  Then he wanted directions to an ice cream place.  Told me I had to order something, so I ordered two dips in a cup and it is sitting in my freezer until tomorrow.

I need to go to bed, but I am still so full.  Maybe if I go get in bed and read for a while, I'll be able to sleep.  Right now, I'm afraid to lay down cause my tummy is too full.

Hope you have enough.......
Well, my ex called me again today.  When I saw it was her, I answered with what do you need now?  Seems the car company (where she is buying her new car) wants my driver's license number.  Now my name will not be on the title or the note or anything else.  The form from the state doesn't ask for my driver's license number, so why do they need it.  I told her to give me a name and a phone number and I will call them tomorrow.  Wrote it on an old receipt, hope my short-term memory doesn't forget where I've put it.  You know when you get old your short-term memory is the first to go.

I did take the time to tell her that I wanted to thank her for the 26 years we had together.  That they really made me appreciate us breaking up and me living my life now for me!  She sounded real surprised.  Wanted to know why I felt that way, I brought up her many affairs, well, maybe not many, five or six affairs and she had the gall to tell me there weren't any.  I brought up a couple of names and she said that it didn't happen.  I told her she acted the same way with them that she had acted with Carol.  Carol she admitted.  Told her I sure wished I had selective memory like she does.

I did tell her that she had really screwed up in the way she treated me when we split.  And that if she hadn't cheated me like she did, she would still have a family and grandkids instead of the sorry kinfolks she has that only call her when they want something.

I also told her that I was real disappointed in her.  That I thought she was a better person than she turned out to be.

Oh, she did apologize for calling me the other morning said she called my number by mistake and hoped she didn't wake me.

I had breakfast for supper tonight and I put too much pepper on it.  My tummy is burning.

Well all, I am heading off to night-night land.

Hope you all have enough....
Well, as you can see I am up earlier and usual.  At 8:29 this morning, my phone rang.  By the time I got turned over and managed to get the phone, they had hung up.  So, after I got up and did the morning 'stuff' I have to do before I can do what I want to do, I checked the number.  Hummm, it was a local number but not one I recognized so I called it back.  Oh, also said it was a wireless caller.  After many rings, my ex comes on with a message saying she is unable to answer the phone.  Does she have 2 cell phones now??????  Who knows?

I thought I was through with having to deal with her but I guess there is something else now.  I did leave a message that I was returning her phone call.  Will let you know if I ever hear anything.

Other than that, slept good last night and not quite as drunk as yesterday.  Still a little but at least the whole room isn't spinning.

More later.  Hope you have enough......
I am exhausted tonight.  I took Miz Gizzy out for a run this afternoon.  I was riding my electric cart.  I rode and Gizzy explored for about  45 minutes.  Then I ran into my neighbor and another guy and we ended up sitting and talking for about an hour.  Gizzy was playing with the neighbor's 12 month old son.  I finally decided that we had been outside long enough as hot as it was.  We came in and I figured out that I had been out way too long.

I'm watching According to Jim and he was just drinking a glass of red wine.  Sure wish I had one about now.  It would be good for my heart and blood pressure and my anemia, so no fussing Nat.

I called the building office today.  They installed a new patio door about a month ago and someone was supposed to come back and tape and bed it and repaint.  They didn't have any record of that work order.  Then I happen to think about the fact that the filter in my air conditioner needed to be changed, so I told them about that.  Then I asked about them replacing the light bulbs (candle style) in my dining room chandelier (only two left of the five and it's getting dark.)  Then I happen to think that a neighbor of mine said they would install a safety bar in my tub so I asked about that.  Maintenance lady said if I would get one they would install it.  So, I will be making a trip to Home Depot after the first of August to get one.  I have a shower stool, but it sits higher than the side of the tub and I don't want to pull on the soap dish to get up.  Now, we will see how fast any of the stuff gets done.  LOL

Going to bed, very tired now...  Hope you all have enough...
My ex came by last night for me to sign the title of the 98 Ford Explorer over to her.  I had tried to get her to pay me fair market value but nothing doing, she feels that she is entitled to everything we had together, never-mind that I ended up working more than she did over the 26 years we were together.  And I made it possible for her to go to LVN school.  Oh well, I'm through with her now and don't have to see or hear from her again.

Natalie is very upset with me and I'm very sorry about that but I did it for my well-being.  No other reason.  I wanted to be absolutely through with the ex and not have to deal with her anymore.  No matter what she thinks, we are not and will never be friends because of the way she did me.
Well the nasty tricks she pulled, running around on me with other females and at least one man (maybe more), she doesn't have it in her to be faithful to anyone.

On the plus side...  The best thing she did for me was telling me to get out.  These last three years (almost three), I am happier than I've ever been in my life since I had my sweet babies.  I love living by myself (well myself and Miz Gizzy).  Even though I don't have much money, I have enough to pay my bills and put food on the table.  Sometimes I have to eat peanut butter and honey or jelly sandwiches, but I love those so no hardship there.  LOL

I would like it if my kids (who are all currently furious with the ex) would understand where I'm coming from on this and get over their mad.  Yes, she did me wrong and they are justifiably angry with her, but it's doing nothing to her and causing them unhappiness.  I wish they would see how happy I am now and just let it go.  There is a reason I end up with nothing every time I split with someone and I've gotten okay with that.

I intend to spend the rest of my life with my adult children, grand children, and friends.

Hope you all have enough....
Well, I didn't wake up until 11 this morning and I'm not feeling real chipper.  Knees feel like I've been going  up the Aztec pyramid at a dead run and the rest of me just feels like I'm not quite connected (no rude comments, Babs).  I was supposed to go over the Babs today and wash my clothes, but there is no way that's going to happen.

Hate these days when I don't feel up to 'snuff'.  I felt pretty good yesterday.

Maybe more later.

Hope you all have enough.....
The one redeeming feature about Michael Jackson's death is that since he is at least 90% plastic, they can melt him down and instead of him playing with the kids they can make little Michael's for kids to play with.

Okay, I warned you it's a very bad joke.
Well, I woke up again today at 9.  Got up and was doing fine until about 1, then went sound asleep in my desk chair.  Think I slept about an hour but I'm not sure.  Was awake then for a couple of hours and went to sleep again.  And again think I was asleep for about an hour.  Miz Gizzy woke me up that time.  Maybe my snoring was bothering her.  LOL

Neighbor came over to day to borrow an egg so she could bake a cake for her son who will be 1 year old tomorrow.  She stood here and talked for a good little bit, so when she finally left, I walked to the door with her and her son was crawling back toward their door from the step leading down into the parking lot.  I just assumed that he was taking a nap, but evidently she had left him playing on the floor and then didn't close the door good when she left.  She is in her early 20's, where was her head????

Well, Miz Gizzy just came over and told me it was time for us to go to bed.  So guess I'd better mind.

Hope everyone has a great week-end and that you all have enough!
What do you miss most about being a kid?
NOTHING.  I am having more fun in my second childhood.  Cause now I say what I want to and their are no parents to make me behave.
Woke up this morning at 8 something.  Was wide awake so went ahead and got up, now I'm fighting sleep. 

We've had cloudy weather and light to heavy sprinkles all day.  Miz Gizzy doesn't like the rain, but she will go out if her friend, Woody, comes by with his daddy or if the new neighbor's 3 year old son comes by the patio.  The new neighbor seems like a very nice young man.  His name and his son's is Gerald and since mine is Gerry that ought to be easy to remember.  Even for us ole folks.

Hope the rest of your day is good and that you always have enough....